Manna on Main visits NP Club

Suzan Neiger Gould, executive director at Manna on Main Street was our guest speaker on November 17th. Our club proudly supports Manna annually and we are always happy to hear about Manna's ongoing support to those in need in our North Penn community.  Manna will be relocating to the new North Penn Commons facility in the Fall of 2016 and Suzan showed us numerouts artists' renditions of the facility.  Manna will be one of four non-profit organizations in the facility and for the first time in its history, Manna will generate revenue by providing food services for the campus lobby café.  Our club is a large supporter of the North Penn Commons and we look forward to being a part of this wonderful addition to the community.  For more information regarding Manna on Main Street and their involvement and move to North Penn Commons, click here