Mayor of Lansdale Visits North Penn Rotary

We were honored this evening to have the Mayor of Lansdale Borough attend our Rotary Club Meeting at Stove & Tap in Lansdale.  Mayor Gary Herbert spoke and answered many questions about the community and how the Borough has been handling the trials and tribulations over the last year.  Many local businesses are once again thriving and we are finally seeing the light at the end of this long tunnel. Some businesses, sadly, did not survive the difficult past year.   He gave an update on the progress of Covid-19 vaccinations and the Borough's plan of cooperation with the County & State for vaccination locations. Visit for more information. The borough is growing in population with approximately 1500 new residents according to the latest census. Mayor Herbert also said that borough infrastructure is in the works - roads that were to have been paved or improved a year ago are finally on the schedule.  
The borough has approximately 125 employees (some are seasonal/part time) and include those in the various departments (parks & recreation, the electric company and borough hall.  The borough is looking into long term sustainable energy sources (aka: Green Energy) and currently uses solar power to completely run the main Borough building as well as the electric sub station.   Since the Mayor oversees the Police Department, we were given an update on how the brave men and women of the LPD have responded positively to the community's desire for social justice and equality; and how the LPD participated in many peaceful demonstrations along with community members over the last year in particular. Our Rotary Club members expressed gratitude to the Lansdale Police Department - we are most grateful for their service and look forward to seeing these officers at Lansdale Day.  Speaking of which, the Mayor is hopeful that the Borough Council will approve the requested date of July 17th (we will have official response by the end of this week).   Thank you, Mayor Herbert, for speaking to our Rotarians this evening and for caring so much about this great community!