P L E A S E   R E A D
as of FEB 4, 2020we are not accepting any further applications from JEWELRY ARTISANS; this includes handcrafted jewelry artisans or buy-sell jewelry dealers.  Please mark your calendars for January 2021 and submit your application
for next year.
2/4/20:  CALLING ALL (non jewelry) ARTISANS - -   Please DO NOT DELAY in submitting your application - we are filling up quickly and the deadline for applying is quickly approaching (April 16th)  Click HERE to be redirected to our Lansdale Day Information page
2/11/20: PLEASE NOTE  for electric requestsThese are generally reserved for artists/crafters who need electric to run and/or display their items for sale.  We do not typically provide electric spaces for community marketplace vendors or sponsors, but if you truly need an electric enabled space, we can do our best to provide that for you but we cannot guarantee it.  If you need electric to run laptops, cell phones, etc. we recommend you bring those already fully charged.
2/12/20:  At this time we have filled our maximum spaces that we rent to home improvement vendors (windows/siding/roofing/doors/gutters)  Please mark your calendar for late fall 2020 and apply for the 2021 event.  Thank you!