last edited  4/26/21
  • As of April 26, 2021,:  We are 100% SOLD OUT of Artisan Spaces
  • As of April 26, 2021:  We are  100% SOLD OUT of Food Vendor Spaces
  • As of April 26, 2021:  We are 85% sold out of Community Marketplace spaces
  • update 4/14/21Electric enabled booth spaces for non-food vendors have been completely SOLD OUT.  
  • IMPORTANT UPDATE:  4/8/21:   We are pleased to announce that LANSDALE DAY 2021 will take place on JULY 17th this year.  We thank all of our vendors for their patience as we awaited this official word from Lansdale Borough.  Masks will be required as will social distancing and many other safety protocols.  If you have any questions, kindly reach out to our Event Manager
  • CRITICAL ANNOUNCEMENT  3/17/21   Because of Covid Restrictions, the June 5th date is no longer possible.  We are working with the borough of Lansdale to secure a suitable Saturday in July.  We are DEFINITELY having the event in July and once we have secured a concrete date, we will supply that information to all currently booked and potential vendors.  We apologize for the inconvenience as we work through circumstances beyond our control.  At this point, be believe the date will likely be July 17th, but that has not yet been confirmed.  We are asking for your patience and once we have a date we will share it immediately; WE EXPECT TO UPDATE THIS ANNOUNCEMENT BY APRIL 10th.
  • ALL VENDORS will be required to sign a VENDOR SAFETY AGREEMENT prior to  the event.  To view this document, click HERE.  If you have been recently adjudicated to participate, or are a returning vendor, you will receive this document via email and by regular USPS mail by 4/30/21.  This must be signed and returned to us before the event or you will not be permitted to participate this year.  Please understand, the safety of our vendors, volunteers and the general public who attend Lansdale Day is paramount.  We appreciate your cooperation so we can have a fabulous, fun-filled day!  Questions can be directed to our Event Manager
  • Health & Safety Protocols & Regulations for Lansdale Day 2021 can be viewed HERE.  Questions regarding this policy can be sent via email to our Event Manager
  • PLEASE NOTE - as of 3/11/21;  ELECTRIC enabled spaces are EXTREMELY limited and available ONLY for select artisans and food vendors on a case-by case basis.  Electric spaces are not available for community marketplace booth spaces or the sponsor area.  If you must have electric for the sole purpose of displaying items for sale,  we may be able to offer you an electric enabled space if one is available.  Please -  FIRST -  (as in before paying for a booth space), notify the Event Manager as to your reason for needing electric and we can work with you if we have accommodating spaces left.   However, if you need electric to run laptops, cell phones, etc, we do not provide electric for this and highly recommend you bring these items fully charged for the day - we do not have charging stations at the event.
6.  As of 2/19/21 We are no longer accepting Jewelry vendors for 2021; this includes handcrafted jewelry artisans as well as buy-sell franchise jewelry dealers. We have booked our quota for this particular category for 2021.  Please mark your calendars for early 2022 and apply for next year's event