For ALL Returning and NEW food vendors;
As of March 15, 2024 - we are now SOLD OUT of Food Vendor booth spaces

Please be advised of the following in order to participate in Lansdale Day:
Booth space pricing:
10x10 $190.
10x20 $225.
10x30 $250.
*larger than 10x30, call for availability

►All Food Vendors are required to be adjudicated for participation. 
         ♦If you are new to this event, you must complete the Food Vendor Adjudication form and CONTINUE READING
         ♦If you are a returning approved food vendor, complete your booth space form,  and CONTINUE READING:

►Every food vendor, including self-contained food trucks, hitched trailer or booth space where food is prepped and/or sold:  You will be required to complete a power source questionnaire as part of your contract.  We will submit the completed questionnaire to the Lansdale Fire Marshal on your behalf prior to the event. 
►Please review (or download) the FOOD VENDOR INSPECTION check list that the Lansdale Fire Marshal will use to inspect your space on the day of the event.  You do not need to complete this form - just be aware of the criteria
►Please read ALL the information located on your Food Vendor booth space contract; and adhere to the Certificate of Insurance requirements in order to participate in this event
►If your food business operates in Montgomery County, you already (should) have a Montgomery County Health Department permit to operate. Please be sure your license to operate in Montgomery County is current, visible and/or available for the Fire Marshal to view upon his inspection of your food truck/trailer/food booth space
►If Lansdale Day will be the ONLY event you participate in, in Montgomery County PA this year, you are not required to have a temporary health department permit for our One-Day event. 
      • However, if your business operates from an out-of-area county or state, and Lansdale Day is the 4th or greater event you participate in this year in Montgomery County, then a temporary Montgomery County Health Department permit is required.  If you need a temporary permit, please click here for more info  
A few things to keep in mind.....
Our Lansdale Fire Marshal, Rick Lesniak, is a stickler for the rules; and we are grateful for his safety precautions as we all want Lansdale Day to be a successful - and safe - event.  He will be sure that your truck/trailer/space is not within 10' of a building, is not blocking a fire hydrant and/or is not blocking the access for emergency vehicles.  Our Event manager will place you in an appropriate pre-assigned space that will comply with these safety criteria and based on the answers you give on the power source questionnaire.  ALL food vendors are required to have a fire extinguisher at their space, in addition to complying with all the items on the Food Vendor Inspection Check List.    Food Vendors are not permitted to completely enclose their booth space area with netting, screening, canvas or other flammable material  - this includes designated eating areas adjacent to your space. 
►If you have any questions, please reach out to Mr. Lesniak via email at